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Serving 5 States of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Florida 
Located in Cincinnati, OH
Phone: 513-779-7714
Fax: 513-779-7738

Our Staff

Meet Our Professional Staff

Do you need title support? Contact Prominent Title for complete title support. Our assistants, processors, and closers will help you with all your title needs. Our skilled staff will help you with shipping, funding, and recording.

Our office is centrally located in Cincinnati, OH, and we serve several states, including Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Florida. We are a BBB-certified company. Call us at 513-779-7714 for all your title and closing needs. 
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Get Title Support From Our Prominent Title Staff

Joseph Brooks, President

Debbie Brooks, Vice President

Dan Engen, Vice President of Sales

Jenni Elam, Sales and Marketing

Don Bailey, Sales and Marketing

Robert Calabrese, Attorney

Prominent Title Agency Team

Title Support:
Andrea Peake
p. 513-620-7315

Beth Vanover
p. 513-620-7338
Nick Hornsby
p. 513-620-7216

Suzie Hall
p. 513-620-7260

Tracey Holland
p. 513-620-7261
Felicia Johnson
p. 513-620-7145

Kathy Deatley
p. 513-620-7164

Nicholas Short
p. 513-620-7214
Chris Hornsby, Sr. Processor
p. 513-620-7106

Dayna Patrick
p. 513-620-7367

Jamie Campbell
p. 513-620-7274

Jimmy Miscovich
p. 513-274-3223

Michelle McLaughlin
p. 513-620-7241

Sharleen Schweitzer 
p. 513-620-7256
Adam Mansfield 
P. 513-620-7313

Jeff Wallet
p. 513-407-1298
Shipping / Funding / Recording:
Kelly Rodriquez, Funding Coordinator
p. 513-620-7209

Melinda Kenyon 
p. 513-620-7221 

Vickie Callahan
p. 513-620-7291

Recording Specialist:
Corey Ortiz
p. 513-620-7354
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